We custom process beef, pork, lamb, goats and wild game. The meat is double shrink wrapped and sliced smoked and cured meat is vacuum packed (bacon, ham slices and game meat). Custom meat processing is unique because each individual order is processed to the customers needs.

That means if you want less roasts and more steaks or you like your steaks thick or thin, you can have it your way. And we can bet that once you do it, it will be hard to go back to someone else dictating what you can get!

We also do mobile slaughtering of pork, sheep, and goats for the ease of our local customers. Pigs can be split to halves and lamb and goats are processed whole. Smoked meats are available on your order such as summer sausage and snack sticks.

Pork processing is a specialty of our shop with smoked ham, bacon and hocks. Additionally we offer, pepper bacon, country bacon, Kansas City style bacon, and a variety of smoked and fresh links.

Smoked Turkeys are a popular item at holiday time but make sure to get your order in early! Fall is a busy time.

Special orders are available all year, please call for details.